Thursday, January 15, 2009


Thanks for the compliment on our web site. As far as Picture's and how our Airspace is laid out and our current security issues we can not help you in this activity. I am sure you understand. We are just in a different world since 9/11.

As far as a comment on the Movie Pushing Tin. Very entertaining. We are a well bonded group and rely on lot on our fellow controller for support and making a seemless air traffic control system work every day. However at this time a lot of what we do is considered to be part of the security messures so we will not be able to comment anymore. Thanks for understanding and stay in touch with your local facility and they will best tell you when and if Security levels change.


Artist's conception of the planned Potomac TRACON facility.

Air Traffic Control

1. Federal Aviation Agency, About Air Traffic Control
2. TRACON San Diego 858.537.5900
3. LAX FAA Control Tower 310.342.4932
4. Los Angeles World Airports
5. Los Angeles Air Force Base
6. Jet Propulsion Laboratory
7. United States Strategic Command
8. Charlotte Air Traffic Control Tower
9. NASA Ames Research Center
10. For Air Traffic Control Insight - ATCafe
11. Air Traffic Control System Command Center
12. Simuflite - Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport - Air Traffic Control
13. Steve's Air Traffic Control and Aviation
14. Euro Control, HQ Belgium, a JAVA Simulation

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