Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Air Traffic Control Webring was established in 1997 and after rebuilding its Membership base now has over 150 Sites!
They come from all over the World, representing ATC, Aviation, International ATC Organisations, Aviation Enterprises but also keen fans and enthusiasts.
...and since inception it has remained the first and only truly international ATC web ring in the net!

It all started on a hot August day (Aug 12 1997) when, as I was looking for some sort of international list of ATC sites, I decided to check the ( defunct!) only to find out that ATC was not in the list! The webmasters advised that if you can't find a Ring on a certain subject, then why not start your own?
And that's what I did...
Preparing a Ring is one thing but making its existence known to prospective Members is another!

I cannot forget the first pioneer sites that responded to my call: Rich Smith's "WLATC", Gary Lapple's "Pilot's Page", Paul Ashford's "Two Dog's Territory", Nick's "UK Air Traffic Control", Ed Morris's "NATCA Voice", Panos Georgotas's "Flight Sim Of Athens", Andy Drain's "ATC Job Rumours", Dennis Crab's "Unofficial Manchester Tower and Area Centre Pages", Poul Erik Jorgensen's "ATC Human Machine Interface", Jason A. Velonis's "McGuire RAPCON Unofficial Home Page" and the list grew little by little...

This venture has made us more aware of one simple but pervading Truth: ATCers, Pilots and Aviation Pros we all have one thing in common - no matter our country, language, creed or race - and that is the conduct of SAFE FLIGHTS!

In September 2000 WebRing merged with new owner Yahoo!...The result was a watered down version of just another Y! clubs page and many ring members complained about its flat looks, lack of stats, poor management pages and buggy code (not mentioning its Big-Brotherly attitude towards its hundreds of thousands of rings!).

We took the plunge and decided to move ATC Webring to another provider, namely RingSurf, which had many features reminiscent of our "old" WebRing...
...and so ATC Webring will carry on linking ATCers and Aviation people from all over the WWW!

Thank you and Keep'em Separated!

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